the opening general session of lotusphere was not hugely impressive. i have come along in the hope that i will be surprised and find that domino has been given a new lease of life. but when a large portion of a lotus conference is devoted to the other three ibm streams (tivoli, websphere and db2) you know things are bad.

to be honest i knew this already but domino has been a major part of my life for the last 5 years and i would rather it continues to be. instead we were shown the "next-gen" mail client. jeannette "no charisma" horan was expecting a round of applause for being able to send an e-mail using websphere and db2... hardly ground-breaking stuff.

on the other hand, rudy giuliani was indeed the keynote speaker and he got two standing ovations! i will be concentrating the rest of my efforts on websphere. the end of an era really.