i am sat in the ba lounge at gatwick waiting for my flight to be called.

yesterday turned into a bit of a farce. i only managed four hours in the office before i had to leave. the trains were so screwed up that the journey home took almost 4 hours. but luckily i don't have to think about that for the next six weeks.

mum very generously ran me down this morning, the journey was very quick, i don't suppose there are that many people keen on getting up at 06:00 on a saturday morning. the check-in staff got me extremely worried for a few minutes. when i handed over my wedge of tickets she started muttering about not being able to use the visa waiver program to get into the states if you are leaving via a different port. i was fairly confident this is not the case but soon there were three of them chatting about it while i started seeing my trip disappearing rapidly. luckily a call to their visa section sorted it all out and i could breathe again.

so another complimentary drink and the saturday newspapers now, i think.