we have been using webgain's visual cafe for our java development for the last 18 months. we already knew that they had been bought out by togethersoft. now, we had been talking to togethersoft to get new licenses for visual cafe but had been put off by the ludicrous price (gbp8,000 per license) and now we discover that borland have bought them out and are planning to get rid of the product altogether! so the upshot is that we have to find a new ide.

after much looking around the concensus seems to be fixing around eclipse which is the open-source product started by ibm. so far it looks pretty good, and we always have the option to spend more money and get into websphere application developer (which is eclipse on steroids) if the planned jsp development takes off.

it's just a matter of learning a whole set of new ide quirks (or bugs as they are known to everyone else)