i haven't written anything for a few days as i have been very busy. so here is an update of the last week or so of activity...

i met my brother in the city last week. he was down for the day to do some work so we met up for lunch. always good to see him and things seem to be going pretty well at the moment. roll on mid-august eh?

work has been insanely busy, but that's boring so no more mention of it!

over the weekend i did loads of things all helped by the fact that the weather was great. i now have my customary sunburn from the slightest sighting of the sun. went to see minority report at the cinema. it was pretty good all told.

i am in the process of selling the flat i have been letting out for the last year so i spent about 3 hours on saturday filling in the endless forms which my solicitory sent me. a lot of it just seemed pointless but what do i know? hopefully the flat should sell pretty quickly which will give me a nice cushion should i end up jobless.

also in the pipeline at the moment is revision for an exam. i am studying to take the sun certified java programmer exam. although no single part of it is particularly hard (so far), there is loads to learn. and they have a nasty habit of asking trick questions. it will look good on the cv though.

that'll do for now i think.