as you may know i commute daily from ipswich to london on the trains. i've been doing this for two years now so have seen some fairly bad delays on anglian railways. these were worst around the time after the hatfield rail crash when my normal 75 minute journey was increased to 2 hours plus each way... not much fun.

i have got to the point now when i don't get particularly worked up unless something really stupid happens, like last night. i caught the 17:30 which was almost an hour late (that's 100% late!) because it was too hot. i mean, it's not like we weren't expecting some warm weather during the summer.

i can forgive trains breaking down and overhead power lines breaking as just "things which happen". but every year during the first few hot days of the summer it's chaos and then again when it gets cold everything breaks. in the end i am left with the feeling that anglian just like to try and keep us on our toes and let us know who is the real boss!