another hangover!

just got back from london after a rather successful cards evening. it was just one of those lucky evenings. good to see all the guys again, drink a lot and generally arse about for a night.

i've just spent an hour trying to sort out an internet banking problem which meant my credit card bill didn't get paid last month. i have recently moved banks and this was the first problem so i suppose if that is all that goes wrong then i have got off quite lightly. what it did show, however, was that although the banks try and project this image of being hugely advanced, the majority of the work behind the scenes is still far too manual.

it means that there is still plenty of work for people like me out there though!

back on the footy, it's ipswich v man utd this evening, as it stands we have to win otherwise there is no chance of catching sunderland and staying up.