you will notice that things have changed quite dramatically here. one of my main reasons for working on this site is that i use it to try new things out. the webcams were something i was playing with for some integration work i was doing with domino. that has finished for the time being. the webcams are still around but i decided to move on to something new.

this time it is xhtml. the way that the web is moving is towards more rigid standards, plus i am increasingly working with xml in my day job so this is a useful test-bed. as the different areas of this site become compliant (which is more challenging than you might think), they will get the little compliance icon at the bottom. i have only done the simple pages so far.

i have also removed the comment option until i have done some more dev work. the aim of this work is to develop a fully xhtml compliant domino application. the problem is that domino tries to do too much for you so it inserts it's own tags. it is then a bit of a battle to remove them.