i met up with a few old friends i used to work with on friday evening. as usual it turned out to be a fairly boozy evening. i guessed it would and so had booked a hotel in london for the evening. as i was stumbling my way to bed with my mcdonalds i bumped into some equally inebriated friends. the sensible thing at the time seemed to be to find another bar and continue. needless to say, saturday morning was not wonderful but the hangover was worthwhile, it was a good night.

i hung around in london yesterday and went to the tate modern for the first time. to be frank, i wasn't impressed. the building itself is stunning, as is the millenium bridge but the contents were uninspiring. i am not an art critic, but to me art should be uplifting or at least interesting (like this).

having said that, the london skyline at night made it time well spent.