i went to university at university college, london and i came across an article that ucl and imperial colleges are going to merge to try and get more research grants. i am very proud of having gone to ucl which is one of the top universities in the country.

one of the best aspects was the fact that we were being lectured by world leaders in their chosen fields. we were all aware (and told several times) that the university put research first and teaching second but we benefitted because it was a small group of students and some very talented professors. what is being talked about now is a university with 27,000 students where it is certain you will be treated as just a number rather than a person like i was.

i genuinely hope that this merger does not go ahead and that both colleges find the funding they need from other sources otherwise this will be the precursor to a very few megaversities which pump out students much as schools do now.

the whole point of university, from the students' point of view, is that you are given a chance to express yourself in a more flexible environment but if the size of an institution grows too large it will inevitably mean that there is less room for individuality as testing and meeting targets become the primary aim of the teaching staff.