apart from anything else last week i have to thank the stars that i missed friday at work which by all accounts was a disaster. the rest of the team sorted out the problems but i was lucky to be away!

friday night itself was really good fun, the speeches went extremely well and then i spent the rest of the night chatting to people, many of whom i had not seen for quite some time. at the end of the evening there was meant to be a bus running round the town dropping people off home but a few too many people had heard about it so three of us had to hang around for a taxi.

i was suffering quite badly on saturday morning but i have now learnt of the healing powers of a sausage and egg mcmuffin. we headed over to witnesham to see the rest of the family and meet up with various other people who popped in during the day.

to be honest by this point i was pretty tired so the rest of the weekend was spent doing chores and relaxing