New Domain Name for "me"

My name is incredibly common, there are even websites and Facebook groups set up for all of the Matt White's of the world. And the poor old Matt White Band has to compete with all of us to get internet traffic! Anyway as my name is so common I thought it would be sensible to get a hold of before anyone else does. So until I can think of anything better to do with it, my new domain points back here for the moment. Have you got yours yet?

11TMR is 6 already!

Well I managed to miss yet another birthday. Over the weekend my little corner of the internet reached it's sixth anniversary.

It's incredible to me how good maintaining a blog has been for me. It has helped me professionally in finding work and got in contact with some very interesting people, but most importantly I have made a lot of really good friends through it. So here's to another six years, I wonder what we'll all be doing in 2014?

Site Hacked

Well you go away for an hour at lunchtime and come back to find your blog hacked. Thanks to all of the people who pinged me to let me know of the problem. Of course I should have upgraded the blog template weeks ago after Declan released the fix for the cross site scripting hack. But time is short at the moment so I hadn't got round to it.

Luckily the process is pretty painless, just upgrade the template and off we go. So to the tosspot who hacked my site... you really need to find something better to do with your time than hacking tiny little blogs, of course, your IP address has been permanently blacklisted ( for anyone who wants to do the same).

More comment spam

Over recent weeks there has been a spate of comment spam on the site which has obviously been manually typed in by some idiots trying to increase the pagerank of their sites. Well I now plan to be far more agressive about comment spammers, unless you leave a real name and email address you will be blocked. If you leave a link to a website which is obviously not your own (in my view, this is not a democracy), it will be blocked. If I make a mistake then I apologise in advance, a simple email to me will rectify the problem.