My IamLUG Session

Yesterday Chris Miller announced the first batch of speakers and sessions for this year's IamLUG conference in St Louis. I'm fortunate enough to have had my abstract accepted. And so I'll be presenting an updated version of my "Ten XPages Design Patterns" session.

There is already a great list of speakers and sessions announced, so if you've not registered yet then get over to the IamLUG site quickly to get signed up, it's a free conference remember!

And then, of course, there's the Tack It On extra day of deep dive content provided by Rob Novak and the SNAPPS team, Chris Miller and myself. All in all, three days of great sessions, interesting people, and I'm sure more than a little fun as well.

Lotus UK Power of Business Applications

Darren Adams has already mentioned this day on 16th June, but I thought I'd just make sure that people know about it as well.

Basically what Darren has organised is a day all about Lotus application development in the real world. So I'm going to speak a little about the history of IdeaJam, where we are and hot we got here. Then in the afternoon I'm back on my favourite hobby horse; XPages development. This time the title for the session is "Rejuvenating Domino Web Applications with XPages".

There looks like there's some really great content during the day, so if you have anything to do with Domino applications (that's development, implementation, management, or anything else really, this isn't an overly techie day) then it will probably be worth you coming along.

And best of all, it's free. You just need to register here.

XPages101 comes to America

I've been working with Chris Miller and Rob Novak over the last few weeks to put together a great extra day after IamLUG this August in St Louis. 

Basically the plan is that I'll run my XPages101 classroom course, Chris will be running a new "Domino Optimization Tour" and Rob and the SNAPPS team will be running their iPhone Development class. Each of the courses will be running concurrently in the same rooms that IamLUG will have been in for the previous couple of days. And because we're able to get some economies of scale by operating together, the prices for the extra training day, or "Tack It On" day can be kept as low as possible.

So if you're interested in learning XPages, iPhone development or taking a deep dive into Domino server optimisation then visit the information site for more details.

Dannotes and a long journey home

I've been in Denmark for a couple of days now at the wonderful Dannotes event. It's a slightly different setup compared to other user groups that I've been to, but as with all user groups, the organisation behind the scenes is amazing, the people are interesting and good company, and there are interesting conversations happening everywhere you look.

I ended up presenting the full version of Tim Clark and my Lotusphere session. If you saw it in Florida then you'll know that we had too much content to get through. Well luckily here I had three hours to speak so was able to finish the entire presentation for the first time. It seemed to go pretty well with some interesting questions and only one mistake from me. My lesson from the afternoon is that talking and coding for three hours is really hard work, though I suppose I should have been able to guess that beforehand.

We've been looked after by the organisers here really well. The hotel is ideal for a user group meeting, the restaurant was very nice and the beer and wine flowed freely (possibly a little too freely judging by some people this morning).

And then we get onto the volcanic eruption. The upshot of several hours on the phone and internet is that we're stuck here until Saturday. So given that I am travelling with Warren "Mr Lego" Elsmore, I'm sure you won't be too surprised to find we're heading to Legoland after Dannotes wraps up for an impromptu visit. Then tomorrow it's into Copenhagen before, hopefully, heading home on Saturday. At the moment that is all entirely theoretical as the airlines don't know when they'll be able to operate again. I suppose you just have to make the most of an unexpected opportunity.

Just eight days to go...

Next week I am running (with the able assistance of my LDC colleagues) the first iteration of my new XPages101 course. Interest has been gratifyingly high, but we do still have a very few places left. If you wanted to come along and either the news got lost in amongst all of the #LS10 craziness, or you're worried about training costs generally, then I'd encourage you to check out the course page

I designed the course to cover as much as possible in a day and the price to be low enough that independent consultants and contractors (my background) can afford to send themselves on it.

So I hope to see you in London next week. If you can't make it during the day for some reason then we are also having a LotusBeer gathering in the evening of the 9th February at the Founders Arms from around 6pm. You're more than welcome to come along if you're in the area.