Coding the new UKLUG (ICONUK) site

The old UKLUG site had served us well for several years, but with a new name for UKLUG it was a good opportunity to re-write the conference management application from scratch. To be honest I was more than a little embarrassed about the old site as well, design is not my strong point to say the least. So now that there are things like Twitter Bootstrap out there, I can offload that work onto people who are actually good at it.

ICONUK Home Page

So what have we created? Well it’s an end to end management system for the whole conference. We’ve got user registration, session submission, approval and scheduling, sponsor management, CRM for the home page and FAQs, built in evaluation system and a few other administration goodies behind the scenes. On the admin side we can use either the web client or the Notes client depending on our preference.

In other words it’s a fairly bog standard application created with XPages!

We’re not ones to hold onto this sort of thing, so if you want to make use of the code (or even log or fix a bug and help me out) then head on over to the Github page for the site.

If you’re new to Github then I have also made a video available which walks you through the workflow which I use for my source control when working with XPages.

So have a dig around the site at and hopefully we’ll see you in Brighton later in the year.