A return to Android

I do a lot of mobile Web development so I try and keep on top of the two major device streams, Apple’s iOS and Google Android. I over the years I have alternated between the two with my day to day devices and at the moment I’m firmly in the Android camp with, Galaxy S3 as my phone and Nexus 7 as my tablet. It’s been a while since I properly used Android and it’s really come on as a platform. So I though I’d go through some of my key apps.

For Twitter I use Falcon Pro. In reality this is the worst bit of Android, in the Apple world there is Tweetbot and I’ve yet to find anything as good on Android but Falcon Pro comes closest.

The Facebook app is very good, as is the native Squarespace app which I’m writing the post on.

For RSS reading (I know, who uses RSS any more but it suits me for keeping up with the news) Press is really very good.

The other apps that I use regularly are…
– BBC iPlayer
– Netflix
– Evernote
– Dropbox
– Teamstudio Unplugged
– Amazon Kindle
– Podkicker (for podcasts)
– Co pilot GPS
– Google Play Music

The thing which is most interesting now is that it’s possible to switch backwards and forwards between the two platforms without any issue. The majority of applications have either a direct or very close equivalent so it becomes a matter of personal taste over functionality.

I’m sure I’ll switch again in time but for the moment I’m quite happy with my two Android devices.

The home page of my Nexus 7

The home page of my Nexus 7