Creating a new XPages application in 8.5.3 UP1

I suppose most of you know about XPages101 now, the first eight videos on the site walk you through creating a new XPages application. I recorded them two years ago now and they are still useful when you’re starting with XPages. But since 8.5.3 and more specifically UP1 (or the Extension Library) became main stream my eight videos can make things seem a little like too much work.

So over the next few weeks at XPages101 I will walk you through creating roughly the same application using the more up to date tools available to us. What’s interesting is that I have recorded three videos already (the first one was released yesterday here) and have already reached the point of having a functional application with navigation and UI. It’s obviously not a scientific measure, but the extra controls which are provided for us out the box with UP1 (or ExtLib) really make a difference in development time.

Anyway, if you’re a subscriber then go ahead and check out the new video which I uploaded yesterday, if you’re not a subscriber… well, I shall say nothing!