Lotus UK Power of Business Applications

Darren Adams has already mentioned this day on 16th June, but I thought I’d just make sure that people know about it as well.

Basically what Darren has organised is a day all about Lotus application development in the real world. So I’m going to speak a little about the history of IdeaJam, where we are and hot we got here. Then in the afternoon I’m back on my favourite hobby horse; XPages development. This time the title for the session is “Rejuvenating Domino Web Applications with XPages”.

There looks like there’s some really great content during the day, so if you have anything to do with Domino applications (that’s development, implementation, management, or anything else really, this isn’t an overly techie day) then it will probably be worth you coming along.

And best of all, it’s free. You just need to register here.