XPages101 done. (for now)

Yesterday, Ben Poole and myself presented the XPages101 course which I have designed over the last couple of months to be an introduction to developing with XPages.

Overall it seemed to go pretty well, the timings need some work, I went a little fast at some points which may have left a few people overwhelmed at the fire hose of information we got through in a short period of time! That will not happen again now that I understand how it all hangs together a bit more.

The feedback from the attendees was really gratifying…

Question Score
Overall, how would you rate the course? 95% (between Excellent and Good)
How was the course material? 86.67% (between Excellent and Good)
How was the presentation style? 86.67% (between Excellent and Good)
Would you recommend the course to your colleagues / nerdy friends? Yes: 100%


Obviously there’s always room for improvement and there were some great feedback comments as well…

“A real eye opener for me as I’ve not looked XPages prior to the course.”

“Excellent value for money. Pitched just right for the first steps into XPages.”

“It gave me a very good understanding of XPages under the bonnet.”

“It was great being here, great course, the XPages start I was looking for.”

One of the things which I had consciously not done was provide lots of handout materials. The aim was to reduce the costs of the course as much as possible. From the feedback it seems people would have been happy to pay extra to get more paper based materials. So I think in future iterations of the course we’ll change that around.

The other area where a couple of people expressed an interest was for an “intermediate” course. This leaves me in a bit of a quandary, as I’m not sure I know what intermediate is. So if you have any thoughts I’d love to hear them.

Overall though, as I said earlier, it was a great day. Good fun for me, and hopefully useful to everyone else.