Lotusphere 2010 Day Three

Wednesday was, for me at least, the busiest work day of the conference. I managed to get into see Philippe Riand and Eamonn Muldoon’s XPages futures session. Peter Presnell has a good wrap up of the details announced in the session. Suffice it to say that the future looks bright, the future is XPages. Very very cool things are coming down the road.

Down in the Product Showcase it was the last day and it seemed everyone suddenly realised it as we had by far our busiest day with lots of people coming by to chat about IdeaJam, IQJam and to the rest of the LDC guys.

We shut down the stand and then headed upstairs to see the Oral history of Notes session given by Ed for the 20th anniversary of the release of Notes. It was a fun trip down memory lane with a couple of the R5 adverts that they played (Dennis Leary and “I am” of course) getting huge rounds of applause.

Warren Elsmore and Mike Smith hosted a Lotus User Groups BOF for the last session of the day. Huge turnout and a great chat. I’m not sure how much was learned, but I suppose the fact that people now know of a few more LUGs around the world may well help us all out.

The Wednesday night party was at Hollywood Studios, the one park that I hadn’t yet done, so I’ve finally completed the set. It was actually pretty fun with the Toy Story ride providing particular amusement (we were all in particularly juvenile mood so no more shall be said).

I made the silly mistake of heading up to my room to drop off the badge at around midnight, checked email etc and just crashed. As always happens at Lotusphere, the days (and nights) catch up with you and the first time you stop during the day you really need to force yourself to get going again. On the up side I did get a full six hours sleep for the first time in days so I may make it through to Vegas tonight at 3am without keeling over.