On the road

After weeks and weeks of preparation and build up I’m finally heading off to Lotusphere for the eleventh time. We’ve been busy getting sessions ready, making sure we’re all set up for the stand and generally faffingaround.

In the end I decided to head to Gatwick last night even though it’s only thirty miles from home, thanks to the snow the trains were totally screwed up and it took me just under three hours to make the journey so I’m happy I got that over with and then got a decent night’s sleep at the airport hotel.

I am so looking forward to ten hours on the plane resting and getting ready for the insanity that lies in the week ahead. Tomorrow, I have bits and pieces of shopping to get done for the stand, but I suspect the early arrivals will meet up for a few beers and dinner tomorrow evening. No venue as of yet, but the Dolphin bar is always a good starting point.

Then on Saturday we have the BALD gathering. Joe Litton has all of the details on that, but if it’s your first time to Lotusphere then it’s a great way of meeting new people, just come along and say Hi.

Sunday is the first day of the conference and also Tim and I are speaking, hopefully a few of you will come to see our Show ‘n’ Tell session – SHOW112 Building an XPages App from Start to Finish. We have a huge amount of content to get through in two hours so buckle up before we start!

Other than that I’ll be on Stand 622 in the Showcase and trying to get to a few sessions this year, if you see me around say Hi, it’s always good to meet new people.

See you in Florida!