UK Night at Lotusphere – VENUE CHANGE

UK Night has proved such a hit with the sponsors that we’ve had to move the venue.

So the new details are: 8pm on Monday night at Shula’s Lounge.

The rest of the set up is the same as before. Come and join us for a few drinks, chats about the UK market and the chance to match up with old friends. Warren describes it best…

How to get in: 
Here’s the fun part! You’ll need to find someone from one of the above companies. Find one of their employees, let them hear your great British accent*, and get a special sticker for your Lotusphere badge. Make sure to wear your badge and sticker to get in! 

So, if you’re at Lotusphere in January, then we’d love to see you at UK Night. We’re attracting more freebies as time goes on, so you will even stand a change of winning a superb prize. Our thanks again to the sponsors above who are making this possible. 

*BTW, If you’re not British, but can do a good british accent – we might let you in too. Just don’t start learning from Mary Poppins…

You can find me, Ben, Mark or Julian (collectively representing the LDC) down on stand 622, the Elguji stand.