The daily constitutional


I’ve been working from home pretty much exclusively for over a year now and I really like the more relaxed way of doing things. I can decide my own hours, work when it suits me.

On the flip side, it would be very easy to never leave the flat. So I have tried to get into the routine of heading out for a couple of hours from about 11am every day to stretch the legs and clear the head. This is when living in central London, in the summer really pays off. It really can be a great city.

For example, today part of my walk was from Westminster Underground to Bond Street, through St James’ Park and across the Mall (pictured). On a day like today when the weather is sunny and warm, but not too warm. Not too many tourists, life doesn’t really get much better.

So if you’ve never been to London, I highly recommend visiting and walking, it really is a surprisingly compact place once you get your bearings. The tube, taxis and buses are fine if you’re in a hurry, but if you’re inside Zone 1, then it’s normally as quick to walk and much more interesting.