Developer 2009 is over

Well my first visit to Developer2009 is over, most people are already headed to the airport and there’s a little time to chill out before my flight home tomorrow.

It’s been a great week of catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones. This conference is very different from Lotusphere, the sessions, with the extra 30 minutes allow the presenters to get a lot more geeky and cover a lot of ground, I really enjoyed the ones that I was involved with. And, after such an incredibly busy week in January, I actually managed to get to see some of the best speakers in the business, who I had missed in Florida.

The nature of these events mean you’re constantly moving around between rooms, but I realised last night as we popped out to a bar on Boylston Street that I hadn’t actually been outside since Monday, not good, but it does give an impression of how busy you get, just chatting with people and finding out what other companies are doing.

On the XPages front, people seemed very interested and keen as ever with the new technology, hopefully we’ll see over the next year or so more people using it in a production environment as 8.5 is rolled out. From my point of view, I land on Sunday morning and then head straight off on Monday to start a new XPages project which will keep me busy for the next few months. Good times all round really.

Now I think it’s time to head off for a beer and some dinner.