Don't forget the PLFNEBGT09

Well the build up for Lotusphere is well and truly underway, sessions are being practiced, booth prep is almost done and we’re getting to the point of thinking about the parties.

Ah the parties, one of the most important elements of the Lotusphere week.

Declan has posted about the Pre Lotusphere Early Bird Get Together ’09 For the last few ‘pheres a few of us have taken to arriving a day or two early to make the most of the week. So on Friday night (that’ll be the 16th) there will be a group of us at Raglan Road from 7pm or so. Normally if the weather’s anywhere near decent then we’ll be sat outside at the front of the “pub”. Even if this is your first Lotusphere feel free to come along, it’s just a small group of people catching up and relaxing after the day’s travelling.