Idea Jam earns its keep

If you hadn’t already noticed, we have opened up registration on Idea Jam. Already there are a ton of good ideas and seemingly a lot of people getting involved with making suggestions, voting and answering issues for the community.

I though I’d just mention one idea because, from my point of view it shows the great possibilities of the site. Doug Finner posted an idea about allowing the user to turn off the automatic opening of the properties dialog when you open a view or agent in Domino Designer. Well within 3 hours Voytek Wicinski and Alan Lepofsky had both posted about an existing notes.ini setting “DesignNoInitialInfoBox=1” which does exactly that for you already.

This is great news to me in several ways, best of which is that I didn’t know about the ini parameter and do now. But also it shows the kind of people which Bruce has managed to attract to Idea Jam. If you work with any Lotus product I think you’re probably going to get some real benefit from getting involved.