i am sat at orlando airport waiting to board the plane. when i powered up it looked like there was a network but it seems to have disappeared now so this won’t get put up until i am home.

the last day has been really interesting and enjoyable. harass the developers was as entertaining as ever. ed mentioned that microsoft had infiltrated his session and it appeared that they had here to as there was one guy who appeared to be willfully obtuse. in the end he was getting booed and slow hand-clapped. i managed to get my last few questions answered by the ever helpful guys in the developers lab and also put in my two pence worth of ideas for the nd7.0 development.

i had predicted and heard other people saying that the closing session would be a comedian and we were proved right. i had never heard of him (apparently he has been in a few films but his name escapes me), anyway he was very funny. a pity that i had to leave half way through to get to the airport in time.

so i have to try and get some sleep for a few hours so that i don’t feel too bad tomorrow. that’s it, another lotusphere over, another great week had… roll on 23rd january 2005!