ok, so what seemed like a good idea last night was, looking back on it from the
cold light of day, not so sensible. the big plan was to have as big a night as
possible so that i would be tired and therefore sleep on the plane tonight. i
am, indeed, tired, but also feel like i have been kicked repeatedly in the

this will not be mentioned again!

the universal party was good fun if a little cold. it got down to freezing here
last night which should just not be allowed. i also managed to forget my camera
so others will have to provide photographic evidence.

yesterday had a good few sessions, ed’s was useful as always. the web service
features in nd7.0 look superb and will really make my life easier. i have
written our own set of wrapper classes for web services but they are quite
complicated and because of the jdk we are running, a bit limited in

the plan for today is to do the first session, then duck out and check out of
the hotel. this afternoon are the general harass the developers and closing
sessions which i think i should have time to do. then it will have to be a very
quick run over to the airport to experience the joys of the multiple security
checks. matt sent me a mail earlier saying that there is snow in ipswich,
hopefully it will not make the drive home from gatwick too bad.