it is ed’s traditional t
he boss loves microsoft, so where does that leave microsoft
session in a
few minutes. it appears that it is actually going to be more of a convention of
the domino blogging community by the number of people i’ve talked to who are
going. should be fun though.

the wireless network access has been a real boon again this year, it’s great to
be able to sit in the sessions and look at the session slides on you own screen
or actually write blog entries about the session as you are there. the only
problem has been that the network guys didn’t predict the numbers correctly,
pretty much everyone has a laptop with a wireless card whereas they were only
expecting a thousand or so, there are closer to five thousand users. last year
the coverage seemed to expand as the week went on but that hasn’t happened this
year. can’t complain though, it’s still infinitely better than the snail-like
connection speeds of the cables in the dolphin rooms.