i have been struggling for some time to undertand the strategy being taken by
ibm and lotus over the marketing of notes/domino and “nextgen mail”. but this
article [requires registration] makes things a lot
clearer. as usual it seems to be to do with market positioning versus
microsoft. in the good old days there was a battle of the giants – exchange vs
notes and microsoft were always trying to catch up, they seem to have given up
on this. exchange is going back to it’s roots of vanilla mail while .net tries
to take over the world. in the meantime ibm have created their nextgen mail as
a worthy competitor to exchange in the corporate market place to leave
notes/domino to integrate with websphere to take on .net.

it promises to be a battle royal, as you can see from recent posts i am
studiously fence sitting as my personal opinion is that there won’t be an
outright winner but it makes for an interesting spectacle.