manchester… la-la-la… manchester… la-la-la

i have decided that i don’t know this country well enough so i am going to try
and visit some of the biggest english cities. to start me off i drove up to
manchester yesterday. it was a good drive and a good day all round really. i
forgot that manchester
were playing at home and my hotel was close to old trafford so i
ended up drinking in the hotel
with a load of the famous non-manchester based fans. it rained non-stop
while i was up there so after a nose round the centre early this morning i
decided to head home via the peak
and then blast down the m1.

the biggest event was that the white
were staying at the same hotel as me so all the staff were running
around trying to get autographs. i am not too bothered by that sort of thing
but i do like elephant (their most
recent album).

contrary to the forecast, the weather is rather good today (in ipswich at
least) so i’ll get the grass cut now and then sit down with a drink and a book.
not a bad way to spend a bank holiday weekend overall.